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Do you qualify to become a client?

  • Are you the owner of a successful small “Business to Consumer” company?
  • Do you feel as if your business …although it be a successful one, has reached its “glass ceiling”?
  • You can’t seem to bust through and reach your next sales goal & desire more… or maybe you just don’t know how.
  • Are you spending money on marketing, but unable to track its effectiveness?
  • Don’t know if your sales are a direct result of your marketing dollars and efforts?

We are the answer to your marketing woes!

  • Increased Lead Attraction
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increased Customer Value
  • Increased Revenue

… and here’s how!


  • A Marketing Budget that is more wisely spent and directed at your desired clientele
  • Automation of Redundant Sales & Follow Up Tasks
  • Calculated Marketing Aimed at Your Target Customer Audience
  • Effective Lead Conversion Strategies
  • Automated & Successful Follow-Up Processes

Valuable Services We Provide to Our Clients:

Lead Attraction & Conversion

Don’t lose potential customers just because you don’t have an effective way to attract them. Spending marketing dollars wisely and making sure your reaching out to people who are most inclined to become your customer is crucial to any small business on a budget. You have to make those marketing dollars count. Attracting the “RIGHT” customer for your particular business is key. This helps to increase your customer’s lifetime value and in the end, the ulitmate goal… save you money while increasing revenue.

Most businesses invest in online lead generation methods such as e-mail, search advertising and retargeting. However, unfortunately most small businesses don’t follow up with their leads. That’s like tossing your hard-earned money out the window!

Does your follow-up system currently consist of Post-It note reminders or notes scribbled on the back of business cards? In this light, it’s understandable why over 75% of leads never hear back from the business they contacted. Common reasons businesses lose sales is because of failure to follow up such as not returning calls quickly enough or not retaining the prospect’s information after the initial contact. Are you guilty of this? It’s okay. We all have been at one time or another.

What’s important is that you take the steps to correct the flaws in your conversion processes. View this as plugging up the leaky holes in your sinking boat. What’s the point in owning a yacht if it’s full of holes? Decide what information you need to obtain from each lead, how they heard about you, what product or services they are interested in and then record this data in central location such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. It’s also important to create online web submission forms to capture online leads and their information.

Cornerstone Marketing Agency specializes in lead attraction and conversion processes which include the implementation and build-up of a reliable CRM software program. Our customized services allow  you to put into action an valuable conversion process with little effort from you. We understand you are extremely busy with the day to day efforts of running your business. We are here to remove the hassle and aid you in reaching your ultimate revenue goals!

Sales & Follow-Up Funneling

It’s a fact that about half of new online leads aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. However, you want them to remember you whenever they are ready. Staying infront of them and in contact with them is key to winning them over when they are finally ready to commit. This process can be handled by creating a system that allows you to track each step of a lead converting into a customer.

Take the online shopping cart for example. Many people will place an item in the shopping cart, but then walk away from the purchase because of distractions, unassurance, etc. If you don’t have a system in place to re-target or follow-up with them you are essentially letting money walk away… and quit possibly into another company’s shopping cart.

Step by step funnel conversion and follow-up can also help determine where the snags are in the conversion process. This helps owners like yourself to avoid walk blindly through the conversion process. Funneling rather provides the metrics to guide you in the best investments of your referral marketing and gives you a better sense of the ROI on your paid ad.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss developing a customized funnel system for your business that will allow you to increase your lead-to-customer conversion rate as well as enable you to effectively follow up with them, ultimately increasing your customer lifetime value.

Automated Direct Response Marketing

Automated Marketing is becoming the record system for modern marketing experts. This is the best way to create a rich profile of their target buyers and manage all their data. Small businesses have the potential to benefit in huge ways from using the same tactics as the big marketers. Marketing automation systems allow you to have visibility into the sales body language which prospects are leaving through digital interactions. This also assists you in identifying when your prospect is sending buying signals which then in turn, allows you to reach out to them in a way that more effectively converts them into a paying customer.

Until recently you might not have ever heard of automated marketing. The best attempt you’ve had at automation was a Post-It note reminding you to send out that unattractive and often overlooked sales ad via your Contact Contact account. And most of the time you get so consumed in the other tasks of running a business that you completely forget to reach out to your audience. Sure, the ability to mass e-mail your customer list is pretty neat, but to be honest the typical consumer is becoming aware that they are being mass targeting and advertised to. Thus, causing them to become blind to the mega e-mail blitz you worked so hard on. Along with this, providers such as Google are developing ways to prevent these type of e-mails from even reaching inboxes. All while your banging your head on your desk wondering why nobody is opening your precious e-mail you spent hours building.

Automation allows you and your employees to become more effective in your sales process. This is greatly beneficial in omitting human error and forgetfulness. Marketing automation is about shortening the sales cycle, closing deals quicker and identifying identifying those prospects and customers who are a good fit for your product or service. It’s about nurturing them to the point that they are actually buying… and buying more often.

Our team is passionate about providing other small businesses the tools needed to effectively use automation to improve their resourcefulness of staying in tune with the prospect and more resourcefully transferring that prospect into a valuable customer.

Facebook Ad Campaign Build-Out & Management

Facebook Ads can be extremely effective due to the social media monster’s extensive database of personal information for each user… all  191.3 million of them… just  in the United States! This database allows businesses to become extremely detailed with their targeting. Anything a user can put into their profile—age, sex, location, education, religion, interests, politics, job title, marital status, etc.—can be used as a filter for your ads.

Along with that, Facebook Ads are surprisingly affordable. At a minimum of just $5.00 per day for campaign marketing on Facebook, this seems like a steal compared to more traditional ways of marketing. Think about billboards. If you have ever purchased billboard advertisement you are fully aware of the high cost of advertising. Not to mention you have absolutely no way to track your results from said billboard. With Facebook Ads you have the ability to track the metrics of your campaign in real time. You are also able to split test multiple campaigns to see which one performs the best and is most effective. However, keep in mind that it’s important to have strong offer, a solid strategy in place and to approach Facebook Ads with the right intentions.

You probably aren’t currently running Facebook Ads …or you’re slightly (or maybe totally) overwhelmed by the entire concept of learning everything there is to know about this mega marketing tool. You’ve probably set out with good intentions and then once you dove into the process realized it takes a little more work and strategizing than just waiting on the billboard salesman to show up and collect your check. Like most small businesses you are probably skeptical of Facebook Advertising or social media for that matter. However, the plain truth is: If you are a small business with a tight budget is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools you can use.